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Internet Phones Service Plans

Large Business​ (and Government)

15-99 Phones


Bring everyone together with one powerful and ultra- reliable business VoIP phone system, whether you have multiple locations, a distributed workforce or a salesforce that is constantly on the road!

You know what a challenge it is to get everyone working together, but what if you could connect all your sales force, all of your workforce and every location with one database and communication network?  Wouldn't that change everything?

IPVocal offers an extremely cost-effective and reliable alternative to those old complex, on-premises phone systems. IPVocal's hosted PBX alternative business solution meets all critical performance requirements of distributed enterprise and government customers.  

Simply put, IPVocal's superior Clear Voice Technology and ultra-reliability just works better. You experience this:


  • Fortune 500 features—Full-featured without the archaic PBX.
  • Mobile workers—IP phones, mobile apps and softphones keep everyone in touch.
  • Scalable and flexible—Handles thousands of employees across multiple locations.

IPVocal simply provides our proprietary Clear Voice Technology in a hosted VoIP communications platform that is powerful, reliable, secure, and an incredibly advanced technology.

Medium Business

8-14 Phones

Managing an old, archaic business phone system, and having to deal with multiply finger-pointing vendors just isn't fun. But now, there is a much easier and  less expensive system to do the same thing and a LOT more!

IPVocial's Virtual Office uses the very latest in VoIP technology to provide you with all your small business phone service needs with robust features, sleek IP phones and knowledgeable support.

Cloud-based VoIP systems is an extraordinary alternative to the tangled telecom closet and on-premises phone systems that require a large capital investment along with ongoing maintenance and support.

IPVocal's cloud-based Virtual Office solution is ideal for medium-sized businesses, especially those with multiple locations and distributed employees.

With IPVocal's Virtual Office, you get:


  • Fortune 500 features—Advanced features delivered via the cloud based hosting.
  • Lower overall costs—Experience lower monthly bills with unlimited calling plans
  • Scalable and flexible—Handles multiple employees across multiple locations 
  • True mobility—Make and take business calls by desk phone, cell phone or softphone


Small Business (or even Home Business)

1-7 Phones

​Create a sharper, professional image using a VoIP phone service. When your customers call, you want your phone system to project the right image. IPVocal's Virtual Office business phone service gives your home office and all the right features to help you serve your clients in the office and on the go.

IPVocal's small business phone solution is easy to set up and easy to use. You just need your existing Internet connection and a VoIP business phone, or skip the phone entirely and use your smartphone or your computer. What you receive and more...


  • Cost effective—Unlimited calling to the US and Canada.
  • Free mobile apps for making and taking business calls from your Android devices, iPhone, iPad or  tablets.
  • Advanced Fortune 500 features like, Auto attendant, voicemail to email, caller ID, call forwarding, conference bridge and plenty more!
  • Employee Remote: On-site employees, remote offices and mobiles workers all use the same system.


Bob Diamond, Talent Agency Owner

“I'm proud to say that I think I was one of the first to switch to IPVocal way back when. It's a decision that I'm so glad I made. The call quality is excellent and I've saved my agency thousands of dollars.  Can't recommend them highly enough!”


Our EASY SERVICE AGREEMENT is simply, month to month. ​(No need for long term contracts. Cancel if you want , but why would you?)​

All Inclusive means All Inclusive!

IPVocal does NOT nickle/dime you or have hidden charges to make up for low advertised pricing.  We don't like when people do that to us and we know you don't like it done to you. Some may consider that smart marketing but we simply don't think so. We hope you like our VERY simple approach, Existing customer do...

  • Keep your existing number
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Message / Music On-hold
  • Conference calling
  • Custom main greeting
  • Voicemail via-email
  • Read your voicemail
  • Automatic call recording

Are you a comparative shopper?

Aside from being the only company with Clear Voice Technology,  IPVocal does two important things that the competition does not.
Compare IPVocal... You will easily find we are the "clear" difference.


  • IPVocal does not require a long term agreement. (We believe that we must earn you business every day.)
  • We have no "hidden fees, charges or extras"... Everything INCLUDING APPLICABLE TAXES are Included!

Unlimited Features

  • Unlimited Calling
  • Auto Receptionist
  • Direct phone number
  • Personalized Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • Caller ID with name
  • Call Waiting
  • Call log

  • Call Transfer
  • 3-way calling
  • Fax to email
  • Advanced call forwarding
  • Unlimited Internet Fax
  • Nationwide local numbers
  • Mobile apps
  • Call queuing  

​No Contract, No Fees, No Hidden Cost, Just Great IP Phones!

Cloud-based solutions allow users to save significantly on service, equipment and labor costs. The infrastructure is already there, ready to use–owned, maintained and managed by IPVocal.

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