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How Internet Phones Work...

Phone Service via "The Cloud"

Simply put, the "cloud" stores data in multiple, secure database locations, both nationally and internationally, so that it is readily accessible from any location when requested. Every time your data is accessed, the cloud backs itself up in all locations keeping it current for the next access request.

The cloud system guarantees that for whatever reason a particular server may temporarily go down, your data is continuously backed up by other data centers that have the exact same accessibility.

All of your information available around the world from any of your devices.

Free evaluation of what you need...
Allow IPVocal to provide a 100% FREE evaluation of your current requirements. We'll provide you an honest, no-obligation, evaluation of all your options. Compare our one-on-one personal service and unmatched quality, setting us apart from other internet phone companies. 

Our evaluation considers your current needs alongside your long term goals, saving you thousands of dollars on your phone bill annually. Our superior customer service IS our only contract.

Let's talk... Call now to talk with a real person: 407-478-0000 
                                ...or if you wish email us at:​

“We're committed to saving you money and providing our Clear Voice Technology service to you efficiently and quickly. Contact me directly. The most important thing I'll do today is speak with YOU!" ​

Preston Blackwell, Principal & Founder | IPVocal

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