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About Us

Innovative, Responsive and Uncomplicated... IPVocal is your 'All-In-One', Florida based internet telephone company, providing cyber-secure, cloud-based, networking solutions for branch offices, service centers, medical facilities and franchised companies.  We provide revolutionary cypytic-based technology to secure your data while providing substancial saving.

Let 's talk... call now: 407-478-0000

Preston Blackwell

Over the past 21 years, Preston recognized the extreme benefits of internet technology.  He created the revolutionary IPVocal infrastructure, combining an exclusive Crypto-Secure communication network, hardware and latest software to create the Clear Voice Technology platform that IPVocal operates on today. His passion to help others with his VoIP expertise has truly become a win-win opportunity for everyone.

Preston is very active in IPVocal and stays in direct communication with customers on a daily basis.  He is always available to help.

Contact Preston:​

Bobby Lee
Marketing​  Consultant

Bobby enjoys people and growing businesses. His strengths are in brand design and business management. He is considered an internet media expert and is  extremely knowledgeable in all social media platforms, web development signage and internet interactions.  He is always finding new ways to implement the latest technology for our customers and in turn, helping our customers to explore new growth in their businesses and customer base ...not a bad guy to know.

Contact Bobby:

“We're committed to saving you money and providing our Clear Voice Technology service to you efficiently and quickly. Contact me directly. The most important thing I'll do today is speak with YOU!"  (​ 

Preston Blackwell, Principal & Founder | IPVocal

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