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Voice Phones

Grandstream GXP 2100 Series is Used by Over 90% Our Customers.
IPVocal and Grandstream: Local Distributor ~ Proven Global Communications Technology

With Grandstream as our partner, we certainly provide a full line of the finest internet voice phones and conferencing stations available in the market. The 2100 series above is the workhorse of a cost efficient IP telephone system that you are most likely seeking. How do we know? This array of 2100 series IP Phones represents 90% of what our customers decide upon. Watch this video and call us with your questions. We consistently provide honest answers and do our best to educate you so that you can make an intelligent buying decision based on your requirements.

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Testimonial (#19)

“I'm proud to say that I think I was one of the first to switch to IPVocal way back when. It's a decision that I'm so glad I made. The call quality is excellent and I've saved my agency thousands of dollars.  Can't recommend them highly enough!”

Bill Anderson | Talent Agency Owner

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