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How Internet Phones Work...

What Should I Do Now?

Whether you have an old, "copper line' telephone system (telephone poles outside) or you are a company in need of an efficient phone system that will save you thousands of dollars, allow us to provide an evaluation of your current requirements. We will provide an honest, no-obligation, evaluation of what all your options are.

Our evaluation will consider your current needs alongside you long term goals. We know we'll save you thousands on your phone bill and provide you with an efficient communication system using today's technology. Our superior customer service IS our only contract.

Call now to talk with a real person: 321-558-1855  ...or if you wish email us at:

Let's talk... Our GENERAL INBOX is here:

“We're committed to saving you money and providing our Clear Voice Technology service to you efficiently and quickly. Contact me directly. The most important thing I'll do today is speak with YOU!"  (​

Preston Blackwell, Principle & Founder | IPVocal

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