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Your All In One Phone Company

​No Contract, No Fees, No Hidden Cost, Just Great Business Phone Solutions

IP Phone Service


Cloud-based solutions allow you to save significantly on service, equipment and labor costs, while maintaining superior quality. The established infrastructure is securely hosted, maintained and managed by IPVocal.
Let IP Vocal become your Internet Service Provider of choice! Instead of getting the run-a-round, let IP Vocal fight those battles for you. Allow us to manage your internet service for the same or even less and give you the respected customer service that you deserve. No matter which internet provider you choose, we still provide you the very best discount pricing.
Grandstream Internet Phone Solutions is our flagship IP Phones. Watch detailed videos on all Grandstream Android audio phones, video phones, conference phones as well as security camera solutions.
What makes IPVocal different...
+  Minimize Down Time

+  Easy Setup

+  Maximized Security

+  Grows with your Business

+  Efficient
+ Local Support

+  All-In-One Networking

+  Knowledgeable

+  Live Updates
+  Cloud Managed


Testimonial #7

“I'm proud to say that I think I was one of the first to switch to IPVocal way back when. It's a decision that I'm so glad I made. The call quality is excellent and I've saved my agency thousands of dollars.  Can't recommend them highly enough!”

Bob Davis, Talent Agency Owner

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